BestMixer will reliably protect your delicate crypto secret

If you’re concerned with the anonymity of your crypto transactions, you’re bound to utilize a cutting-edge solution, such as a professional crypto tumbler, such as BestMixer, for example. Once you utilize it, no one will know that it’s you who sent these digital coinsto this particular user.

Your digital coins can be traced!

Many folks are assured that Bitcoin is absolutely untraceable and anonymous. Unfortunately, it’s rather a controversial point of view. In fact, considering the nature in which Bitcoin was created, this crypto asset is quite untraceable. However, it’s anonymous only until the point somebody is capable of attaching a crypto wallet address to a name.

 crypto currency

Those convinced that their crypto transactions can be easily traced by up-to-date tracking tools move to alternative crypto assets. However, there’s a smarter solution, which is This platform will take your digital coins and then have them mixed with other users’ ones.

A crypto tumbler: what is it?

In simple terms, tumbling services utilize complex algorithms to mix your coins with the crypto assets of other people. As soon as the mixing is over, the digital coins will be sent to your crypto wallet. For this service, you will have to pay a fee, depending on several factors, including the number of digital coins sent and the amount of time spans.

If the tumbling was completed in the proper way, the digital coins coming out of the platform’s wallets can’t be associated with you. That’s what you will obtain if you decide to take advantage of

Typical features of the service

  • Fee: 0.5% of your amount.
  • Minimums:0.005LTC, 0.005BTC,and 0.005BCH
  • Advanced security: Your funds are SSL encrypted, and the platform doesn’t storeclient data.